Providing Christian nurture of young children,
encouraging growth and learning through play.PPreschool and Children's Garden

    Christian Teaching and Training

    All children who attend Second Presbyterian Preschool are treasured as precious gifts from God.  Nurturing teachers carefully set boundaries that enable the children to experience God’s love in our world.  The children celebrate our Christian traditions through-out the school year, attend a chapel story-time called Hallelujah Mountain and learn prayers and blessings to sing before meals and snack. We present our love for God in a natural and loving way. Our entire curriculum reflects the wonders of Creation. 

    Children and families of all faiths are welcome!  We respect all faith traditions and invite believers in different traditions to openly share their beliefs through holiday presentations and discussions.

Classroom Instruction

    Second Presbyterian Preschool curriculum is designed to facilitate learning through play and exploration.  Our teachers provide age appropriate material and activities while at the same time allowing for the naturally wide range of developmental abilities inherent in preschool age children.  Each classroom is set up to include areas of:

·         Dramatic play

·         Art activities, both directed and free

·         Free play, including games, blocks and sensory tables

·         Music and movement

Integrated into the above four areas are science, alphabet and math exploration, as well as guidance in socialization.

    Teachers design their rooms to promote active learning.  Units of thematic instruction are introduced at “Circle Time”, reinforced in “Story Time” and frame the year.  We are aware of but not bound by, the Virginia State SOLs for Kindergarten and the “Virginia Foundation Blocks for Early Learning: Comprehensive Standards for Four Year Olds” as well as other state provided guidelines.  Our children are well prepared for the transition to both private and public school classrooms.

A Typical School Day:  Three Year Old Class

            8:50-9:00       Fine Motor activities at Tables

            9:00-9:15       Morning Circle: calendar/weather/art activity presented

            9:15-10:15     Art, room activities and centers

           10:15-10:30    Story Time/Show and Tell

           10:45-11:45    Playground or gym

           11:45-12:00    Closing Circle

           12:00              Dismissal

    Schedules vary by class and age.  Workshop/Gardening, Music and Hallelujah Mountain are “Specials” worked into the daily schedule each week.

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