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Events Calendar

This is the calendar that tracks all events for the Second Presbyterian Preschool. Calendars for individual teachers can be found on the teacher's pages.

Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 17 Preschool Registration - 2017 - 2018 School Year
Feb 13 Valentine's Day Parties for HB-3 and BB-3
Aug 25 In-school Visit/ Designated Conference Day
Aug 28 In-school Visit/Designated Conference Day
Aug 29 In-school Visit/Designated Conference Day
Sep 05 First Student Day of 2016-17
Sep 11 Hallelujah Mountain-1: God Made Everything
Sep 20 School Pictures with Kevin Hurley: HB-3, and BB-3
Sep 21 School Pictures with Kevin Hurley: WO, HB-5 and BB-5
Sep 22 Lego Build 1:00-2:00, WO and HB only
Sep 25 Hallelujah Mountain-2: The Floating Zoo
Oct 09 Teacher Planning and Development Day-No School
Oct 16 Hallelujah Mountain-3: The Promise
Oct 22 Preschool Sunday
Oct 23 Hallelujah Mountain-4:Forgiveness
Oct 27 Lego Build 1:00-2:00, WO and HB only
Oct 30 HB-3 and BB-3 Halloween Parade (9:20 in FH) & Parties
Oct 31 WO, HB-5 & BB-5 Halloween Parade (9:20 in FH) & Parties
Nov 06 Hallelujah Mountain-5: Baby in a Boat
Nov 06 Phone Conference Week- Only as Needed
Nov 17 Lego Build 1:00-2:00, WO and HB only
Nov 20 Sharing Day: BB-3 and HB-3
Nov 21 Sharing Day: Busy Bee-5 and Two's, HB-5 and WO
Nov 22 No School Thanksgiving Break
Nov 27 Hallelujah Mountain-6: TBD
Dec 11 Hallelujah Mountain-7: Nativity Chapel
Dec 15 Lego Build 1:00-2:00, WO and HB only
Dec 18 Christmas Parties: HB-3 and BB-3
Dec 19 Christmas Parties: WO, HB-5, BB-5
Dec 20 Christmas Break
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