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Our Program Offerings

To Register for 2020-21 classes - Click Here

If you would like to register for the present year please contact the director at 540-342-6405, ext.1 or

                        2020-21 Program Offerings

Age guidelines for Children's Garden are fluid. Children who register in the Children's Garden are placed by the Director based on the number and age of the children who register. 


Minimum Age*

Days Offered





Crib Room

4 months

T, Th

M,W,F  or


Toddler Room

12 months

T, Th

M,W,F  or


Young Twos 

22 months

T, Th

M,W,F  or







 Busy Bees

30 months

T, Th, and/or

M, W, F,  

Honey Bears

3 years old

M, W, F,  or

M - F 

Wise Owls

4 years old

M - F


* Children must meet minimum age as of September 30th.

2020-21 Fees: TBD

 Registration Fee:  $75.00 per child (Non-refundable)

Supply Fee:  $25 per child except First Preschool Year Supply Fee is $63.

 Core Day (9:00-12:00)

                       Crib Room             Toddler-Two's               Preschool   

  2 days/wk.        /month                     /month                              /month

  3 days/wk.        /month                      /month                             /month   

  5 days/wk.          /month                       /month                               /month                                                                                                                  

                          Extended Day (8:00-9:00 and 12:00-1:00)

Choose 1-5 days/week and multiply by the daily rate to get the additional monthly charge.   

Daily Rates 

    Crib:                            A.M.=    a day         Lunch=     a day

    All Other Classes:       A.M.=     a day        Lunch=      a day    

    Drop-in per day cost for either A.M. or Lunch: 

         Crib:  each      All Other Classes:  each      

                                 Afternoon Enrichment (1:00-2:00)

                                                 Wise Owls and Honey Bears only

 All Enrichment tuitions are $45 per month and are a semester commitment. Ballet requires the purchase of a costume and appropriate attire. This schedule may  change due to teacher availability.

            Mondays:  Soccer Shots ,  Science Club (HB) 

            Tuesdays:  Soccer Shots ,  Science Club, (WO)

               Wednesdays: Dance (WO & HB),    

            Thursdays:  Classical Corner (WO & HB)

            Fridays:  Once Monthly Lego Builds (WO & HB)            

    This schedule may change to accomodate the instructor's scheduling.          

After-Care (1:00/2:00-5:30)

    Choose 1-5 days/week and multiply by the per month daily rate to get the additional monthly charge. You may choose both A-1 and A-2 or just A-1.

                                                                    Daily Rates

                                         A-1                     A-2            A-1 +A-2

                                   1:00-2:00           2:00-5:30       Total/day

    Crib                                a day    +        a day   =   

    All Other Classes:          a day    +       a day    =                              


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