Second Presbyterian Preschool After Care and Enrichments

Our aftercare is a fun, play-filled way for our students to spend the rest of their day. Our older students (older Twos, Threes, and Fours) play outside or in the gym for the first hour, while our youngest students start their nap time. At 2, it is time for a nap or rest time for everyone, followed by a snack, free play time, and more active play outside or in the gym. Puzzles, games, books, songs, and art activities are also provided by the teachers.

There are many fun opportunities for our three and four year old students to keep moving and exploring throughout the week:

  • Soccer Shots at an additional cost
  • Ballet at an additional cost
  • Science Club at an additional cost
  • Classical Club at an additional cost

The soccer and dance programs are designed to encourage development of motor skills, self-control, balance, flexibility, confidence and healthy living. The science and classical programs are designed to expand student learning and exploration.  Connect with the preschool office to learn more about these wonderful afternoon programs!