Second Presbyterian Preschool

Program Overview

Second Presbyterian Preschool is an early childhood program that is grounded in a developmental approach to learning. We incorporate lots of playtime to provide children the time and space they need to grow. We place emphasis on the joy of learning. The preschool is dedicated to the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, cultural, and spiritual growth of its students.

Putting Your Child First

We take pride in what we do.

  • Programs for children 12 weeks to 5 years
  • Semi-Year Round Program with Flexible Summer Schedule
  • Bi-Weekly Christian Education Program
  • Enrichment Activities for 3 and 4 year olds (Treble Makers, Science, Creative Movement, Music)
  • Follow Roanoke City Public Schools’ Calendar as a guide

    Flexible Care Options

    5 – 4 – 3 – 2 Day Options Available

    Early Care

    8:00 – 9:00

    Core Day

    9:00 – 12:00

    Lunch Bunch

    12:00 – 1:00

    Aftercare 1

    1:00 – 2:00

    Aftercare 2

    2:00 – 5:30




    This program provides a warm, loving environment where our youngest students grow, play, and learn with our qualified infant teachers.  We pride ourselves on providing our infants with a stimulating, supportive program that not only meets their basic needs, but also pays close attention to their changing social, emotional, and developmental needs.


    Our Ones program is lively and fun as these little ones learn to maneuver in their growing world.  Our loving teachers help each child reach new social and emotional milestones as they learn to interact with each other through songs, games, and interactive play. The preschool music teacher visits each week to teach the children new songs and games!  Language and communication skills grow as each child is gently challenged to name familiar objects, respond to simple requests, explore, a listen to books, and try new words.

    Cognitive function develops rapidly as the children explore, manipulate objects, and problem solve.  Movement and physical development progress rapidly as our Ones are encouraged to move to music, stand alone, take steps, and explore inside and outside the classroom.  Teachers encourage the children to start expressing themselves artistically with paint, crayons, and other art materials.


    Students in the Twos Program are divided into two separate rooms based on their age.  Students between 22 and 29 months are in the Young Twos class and students 30-36 months are in the Twos+.

    Our Young Twos are busy friends who are beginning to include each other in play.  Our teachers work patiently with the children to encourage friendly interaction and more independent behaviors.  This class includes lots of practice following simple directions and using sentences of 2-4 words. They love repeating what their teachers say!

    Our Twos+ students also engage in the activities listed above, but are ready for more structure in their day, as well as more personal responsibility.  They learn to rotate among learning centers and work one-on-one with the ir teachers learning new skills and engaging in more complex art experiences.  They are also old enough to take on the role of class leader!


    Our Threes teachers have an exciting year of learning and growing with these children.  Threes continue to learn how to manage their belongings, follow routines, and work together to build community. Their cognitive growth is exploding, and it is amazing to see. 

    Threes delight in each day as they build, climb, jump, run, draw, pretend, and play. Children rotate each day among learning centers carefully designed to promote exploration, fine motor skills, thinking, and reasoning. These centers include literacy, art, dramatic play, number sense, science and sensory experiences as well as toys and games. 

    Counting, graphing, and recording observations are important parts of each week, as children learn more about the world around them.  Thematic units help the children make connections and have fun celebrating the changing seasons of the year. Children’s literature is an important part of the curriculum and helps to foster a lifelong love of stories and reading.  As the year progresses, the children grow in their understanding of print concepts, learning letters and numbers, “reading” books by looking at pictures, and beginning to write.


    Our Fours class is a year full of wonder.  Fours’ skills and imaginations are growing rapidly, and our teachers provide the children what they need to develop at their own pace. The goal of this class is to help each child grow physically, socially, and intellectually as they prepare to enter kindergarten.  

    Our teachers plan developmentally appropriate activities to encourage cooperation, kindness, responsibility, trying new things, and respect for others. Intellectual growth  skills are taught in both large and small group settings, with an emphasis on enjoyable and interesting, age-appropriate activities, not worksheets. These skills include colors, numbers, letter recognition, and letter sounds.  In addition, they begin working in centers to independently practice the skills taught to them.  Our Fours begin to write and recognize capital and lowercase letters as they progress through the year.  

    Literature remains an integral part of the classroom’s thematic activities. Simple math skills include numbers, number sense, patterns, and graphs.  Science and sensory centers add fun and are changed frequently to sustain interest and learning.  Movement and physical development continue to be integrated through music, daily outdoor or gym play, and games.

    Wrap Around Care

    For families that are interested in more than a the Core Day, we offer Early Care, Lunch Bunch and Aftercare options.



    Enrichment programs are offered from 1-2:00 p.m. and include Science Club, Soccer Shots, Creative Movement, and Classical Corner. 

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    Special Programming

    Music, Art, and Chapel sessions are provided weekly by experts in their respective fields.

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    Summer Program

    Themed weeks throughout the summer. Play based curriculum incorporating science, art, literature, music, and more!

    Preschool Committee

    Michele Aimonetti

    George Anderson

    Margaret Ashburn

    Laura Beth Gregory

    Emma Kozlowski

    Alice Light

    James Moneymaker

    Megan Moore- Chair

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