Special Programming

Workshop and Gardening

One of the most exciting parts of our preschool program for the Threes and Fours is our workshop program.  Children visit the workshop weekly in small groups of 2-4 students.  They learn how to safely use real hammers, hand drills, sandpaper, and saws (Fours only) under the careful supervision of our Workshop and Science teacher.  These activities help the children to grow in both competence and confidence as the year progresses.  They are so proud of the creations they make, which may include catapults, ring toss games, pinwheels, boats that can really go in the water, seasonal decorations, and much more.  

In addition, in the fall and spring this program includes gardening.  Activities include growing radishes from seeds, planting pansies and fall bulbs to decorate our playground, and growing and eating a spring salad.  Science concepts are introduced and reinforced often in both the building and gardening activities. 

Music & Movement

Older Twos, Threes and Fours have a weekly 30-minute class with our certified music teacher in the preschool music room.  Students sing songs, play rhythm instruments, play musical games and participate in movement activities that correspond with the seasons of the year and holidays and often correlate with what the students are learning in the regular classroom.  Four-year-old students are introduced to some music terminology and learn to play the Kristal Bells.  The Kristal Bell method is an original color handbell method which uses color coded cards and fully orchestrated music.

The preschool year culminates with our yearly Spring Program and Art Show.  The Fellowship Hall is decorated with artwork from all the preschool students and the individual classes perform songs that fit with the theme of each year’s program.

Infants, Toddlers and Young Twos have music in their classroom with our certified music teacher once a week for 20 minutes.  Emphasis is on age appropriate songs and activities to foster a child’s natural love of music, engage their imagination and develop a foundation for singing and music appreciation.

Hallelujah Mountain

Twice a month, the older Twos, Threes and Fours classes join the Rev. Elizabeth N.H. Link (“Pastor Elizabeth”) in the church chapel for a special time of worship. Through song, storytelling, and play, children discover stories about God’s people from the Old and New Testaments. 

Pastor Elizabeth also publishes regular podcast episodes, often based on her stories from Hallelujah Mountain. To listen to these stories with your children, search for “Child of God with The Rev. Elizabeth Link” on your preferred podcast platform: https://childofgodwiththerevelizabethlink.podbean.com/